la Tunisie [Tüne-eəzy] with Blocktreat

All aboard for a direct flight to the northernmost country in Africa, where we’ll discover what aural pleasures lie hidden amongst the mountains and deserts of Tunisia.  With one ear in Western Europe and the other in the Middle East, Tunisian musicians (Tusicians) are free to form their own free form sound.  The results are inter-spectacular, providing the soundtrack for revolutionary times.

Take, for instance, the cosmic rock of the Ursula Minor, who speak (mostly French) in this documentary about the importance of an alternative to mass culture – made possible by the beautiful/feudal internet:

Or this thumpin’ dance burner:

And don’t worry golden agers, you have not been forgotten.  Here’s a toast to the groovy old days:

AND: For the duration of the program, we are joined in-studio by Vancouver-based sonic manipulator Brandon ‘Blocktreat‘ Hoffman, who discusses the eccentricities of creating danceable sound-collages.  We also debut tracks from Blocktreat’s brand-new album, Traditionals (out April 17th on Jellyfish Recordings).  We’re calling it Post-grass… with all due respect to the recently departed king of bluegrass, Mr. Earl Eugene Scruggs.

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