The Wandering Rhythms radio show began in 2011 to help fill an enormous gap in the musical spectrum.  For over a decade now, the mighty internet has enabled widespread access to music from anywhere on the planet.  Even so, from the vantage point of Western Canada, all we really hear is music from English-speaking countries.  It is as if colonialism never ended.  It may just be music, but it’s also a metaphor for bigger things.  We can be much more open-minded.  We can be everyone and everywhere at once.

I prefer not to call it ‘World Music’, because that feels like a futile attempt to group together things we don’t bother to explore further.  We shall go deep, and discover the incredible diversity of music from every culture on earth – the intersections between traditions and modern styles, where genres are birthed and later explode into dozens of mutant cross-rhythms.  The potential is infinite.  Everyone is invited.

While the first hour of the show is a wild sound clash of disparate styles, the second hour begins with a trip to a country previously unexplored on the program.  The variety of sounds and hybrid styles enclosed within each national recording industry are truly mind-bending.  Each one opens up a new galaxy of music.  The goal is to eventually transcend style, language and culture altogether – only then we can move beyond judgements and create this new world we all know is waiting for us.  Music is a powerful tool.  Use it wisely.

Your humble host and hoarder of musical artifacts,

Nick Lagasse

Wandering Rhythms airs live every Monday from noon to 2pm PST on CJSF 90.1 FM, Simon Fraser University’s campus/community radio station– broadcasting from the top of Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, Earth.

For all inquiries, musical submissions, etc.. : wanderingrhythms@gmail.com

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