Warping Giant Afro-Beats

MiamideviceA full episode exploring sublime sounds inspired by and emanating from the African continent!  During the first hour, we are joined by sonic alchemist Brandon “Blocktreat” Hoffman, who guides us through the world of his darling Afrobeat monsters Miami Device.  Brandon discusses their upcoming show, trading cards, and debuts tracks from the as-yet-unreleased Miami Device remix album (stirring up their joyous 2012 LP Monopoly).

Stream part 1 of Wandering Rhythms HERE

For the second half of the show, our musical safari takes us to a land of many wonderful surprises, as we visit the North African sands of Algeria.  On Wandering Rhythms, we love when traditions diverge in unexpected new directions, and to this end Algeria offers a fascinating mix of regional styles that effortlessly blend with rock, hip hop, and blues that have found their way into the Algerian music scene mainly because of the close ties the country has had with France over the past two hundred years.

Kabyle rock, experimental Raï, Gnawa, classic hip hop, desert blues, folktronica, and more as we explore the spectrum of contemporary Algerian music..  Truly some of the most beautiful sounds on the planet.

Stream part 2, the Algerian Odyssey HERE


Moor Xalams turn Rock to Sand

Mauritania has a population of only 3 million, and no record industry to create or disseminate music across its vast sandbanks.  Although they get much less exposure than their Malian neighbors to the East, Mauritanians are expert guitarchitects of frantic bliss.  They have been playing lutes (locally known as xalams or tidinits) for centuries, and thus they were warmed up and ready once the electric guitar migrated their way.  Tune in to this week’s episode, and hear ancient Mauritanian sounds transcend the modern soundscape…

Or if you prefer, we could make the old and new battle it out for ultimate supremacy:

And while you hear, lend an ear to this beautifully bizarre new Circus-Dub band from England: