Behold the Golden Stool!

Golden stoool

It’s just a replica (a fool’s golden stool)

Home to thunderous drumming traditions and highlife stars, the Ashanti Region of Ghana was home to one of the most prosperous kingdoms of West Africa. They still keep the mythical golden stool hidden, and no mere mortal is permitted to sit on it. The last time someone tried? The Ashanti declared war on the British.

Please enjoy the music. Just keep your butt off the stool.

Toastin’ the Coast with the Ziglibithian Hosts

Ernesto Djedje, the king of Ziglibithy

Ernesto Djedje, the king of Ziglibithy. Wore shirts infrequently.

Despite having been named after the bad ol’ days of rampant elephant poaching, the Ivory Coast is a gem of many sonical splendours. From Gbégbé to Ziglibithy and then onward to Coupé Décalé – spend an hour grooving to the music of the Ivory Coast to temporarily cure your S.A.D.

While you’re at it, take the time to enjoy this vintage slice of ’80s Ivoriana. Amazing dance moves, a face-melting guitar solo, proto-rap… Thank you NST Cophie’s (what a bizarre name you have).

Long live African Dwarf Elephants.

Le petit Congo, que c’est stylé!


La Société des Ambianceurs et Personnes Elégantes  (SAPE!)

The smaller, less-troubled Congolese Republic (often called Congo-Brazzaville after its capital city) is bursting with style and grace, thanks in large part to its amazing musical heritage. Sample some classics and unheard gems right here:

Heaven and the Sahel

Niger is quickly becoming a new hotbed (up to 40ºC) for innovative African music.  Explore fresh Nigerien sounds on this sandstream:

Among the many grooves, a song from the soundtrack to the first ever feature film in the Tuareg language – an improbable remake of Prince’s Purple Rain (and not only because there is no word for purple in Tuareg):

Stream the first hour’s global mix here: