Toastin’ the Coast with the Ziglibithian Hosts

Ernesto Djedje, the king of Ziglibithy

Ernesto Djedje, the king of Ziglibithy. Wore shirts infrequently.

Despite having been named after the bad ol’ days of rampant elephant poaching, the Ivory Coast is a gem of many sonical splendours. From Gbégbé to Ziglibithy and then onward to Coupé Décalé – spend an hour grooving to the music of the Ivory Coast to temporarily cure your S.A.D.

While you’re at it, take the time to enjoy this vintage slice of ’80s Ivoriana. Amazing dance moves, a face-melting guitar solo, proto-rap… Thank you NST Cophie’s (what a bizarre name you have).

Long live African Dwarf Elephants.

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