Music of the 40 Tribes

We will rock you

Tengir-Too will rock you

Beautiful music is always right around the corner– or hiding in the remote foothills of Central Asia.  This week we travel to Kyrgyzstan and discover a surprisingly rich feast of sounds.  Virtuosic vocals, komuz shredding, jaw harp harmonies, folkloric metal, dark hip hop, bebop, and mucho more! Listen and ye shall agree: Kyrgyz got soul power!

Hear the sounds of Kyrgyzstan HERE

Gettin’ Tajiki Wit It

Ready for this week’s trip to the great unknown?  This will get you MODERATELY PUMPED UP!!:

That’s right, they had keytars in Tajikistan waaay back in the 80s.  (Also, wireless electricity in the desert)  But more importantly, Tajiks share ancestry and musical history with the people of Iran, so we can safely assume that they have been jamming on guitar-fathers (i.e. the tar and dutar) for centuries..

Hear here: Global Mix

Hear here: Tajikistan