Well, here we are. First official post on the new site. We’re excited, and hopefully you are too.

Soon to come:

  • Links to previous shows
  • Set lists
  • What’s happenin’ around Vancouver, or the lower mainland.
  • Our passing thoughts about the importance of opening yourself up and listening to world music.
  • The creation of a space where anyone who loves music can share their finds and knowledge. This means anyone, from anywhere.
  • Many apologies for mispronunciation and misspellings… we only speak three languages.
This site is an addition to the show, which airs on CJSF 90.1 fm or www.cjsf.ca.
We’re broadcasting from Burnaby, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Planet Earth.
We is Nick and Kiara.
Our hope is that you’ll listen, learn, and help us do the same. You can never know all the music that’s out there, and that’s what makes us so excited!
You’ve read this far, and we thank you.
Stay tuned.

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