Shifting the focus from the global to the hyper-local, this week’s episode is an ode to a place I call gnome.  It is an architectural anomaly, a warped castle in South Vancouver that now sits empty, awaiting imminent destruction, to be replaced with something modern and ordinary.  Since 2007, Gladgnome has been the gathering place for an ever-expanding group of musicians, as well as a recording studio where countless sonic excursions were recorded and produced.  Many have fallen under its spell.  Time becomes distorted.  With the help of Cameron Catalano, the Gladgnome archivist and last gnome standing, this program features a sampling of the recordings that took place at the gnomestead over the past four-odd years.

Gladgnome was the first musical community I have been a part of, and as with anything so profoundly personal, I struggle to convey just how surreal of an adventure it was.  I hope the music speaks for itself.  I think it deserves to be shared, in the hope that it will inspire you to seek out similar connections and story lines amongst the people you roll with.

the creaky old house was a universe in itself


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