Ghana: Livin’ the Highlife

Bra damfo, it’s time to visit the West African nation that gave birth to one of the most danceable, funk-tastic styles of the 20th century.

The guitar-driven bounce of Highlife music quickly spread from Ghana throughout Africa, the Carribean, and eventually morphed into the Afrobeat monster that now shimmers and shakes the global booty.

This week’s program features, among other Ghanian delights, the sounds of the golden era of Highlife, the thunderous percussive music that came before it, and that far-out groovy sound that all the kids are talking about: Hiplife.  Did I just make that up: Nope.

Also on the show: Electro-Cumbia from Argentina.  Combining Andean folk music with computers and cumbia works amazingly well… This song in particular is sure to sound like something you’ve never heard before:

Groove Sinister, dear friend.

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