Czech (your ear rings here!)

Holy daze or not, we have a great show for you this Easter Monday.  At long last, we will be exploring the molten music emanating from the Czech Republic (they tried, but Czechia didn’t stick).  These are special humans.

a giant metronome looms over downtown Prague
keeping the people of Czech in lockstep

Bohemian rock is ridiculously rich in complexity.. It somehow achieves the delicate balance between raw creative energy and focused intent.  No band straddles this line more skillfully than Plastic People of the Universe, who battled the repressive Communist regime for nearly two decades with a relentless assault of sonic fury, eventually triumphing over monotony and becoming the leaders of Prague’s underground culture.

Už Jsme Doma are just as wildly inventive, and even more punk:

..and introducing the next generation of super freaks:

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