El Uruguayan invasion sweeping the nación!

You’ve heard of the British Invasion.. but the Uruguayan Invasion?!  During the late 60s, the best rock bands from Uruguay took the Argentine music scene by storm, cutting record deals and leaving millions of latina mods with goosepimples.  Yes, this really happened!  The most popular of these bands were Los Shakers (considered the South American Beatles) and Los Mockers (the Rolling Stones).  I’ll take Los Shakers any day, but that’s just me…


Seriously amigos, Uruguay has an amazing rock music scene.  Absolumente Psico Loco!

But that ain’t all.. there’s also progressive tango:

And a style of percussive music called Candombe, introduced by African slaves over 200 years ago, now entrenched in many modern styles, shaking the streets of Montevideo to a constant beat.  For their dedication to the ancient craft, this father/son duo takes the cake:

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