Türkmen & Zen Junkie

No time for half steppin’– we’ve got a fully far-out show for you this week, guaranteed to bring unfamiliar frequencies through your ear canal and right into your temporal lobe.

To kick off the show at high noon, we will be joined by the masterful, mysterious one-man-tornado who goes by the name Zen Junkie.  He will perform several acoustic delights and present music from his debut LP, The Good Monster.  This is music to shock the senses into absolute attunement.

We shall then dip into uncharted waters, as we begin our monumental trip through the Stans (well we already visited Pakistan, but that’s a different sound altogether).  Just east of the Caspian Sea lies Türkmenistan, second only to North Korea in its self-imposed isolation from the world.  Only 2% of the population have internet access.  Beards are illegal.  The months are named after the President’s family.  MCs are imprisoned for swearing in their music.

But, as we’ve come to expect from all true humans, the music is top-notch:

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