Fuzzrock Zambiance

Nestled in the middle of Southcentral Africa, Zambia is an underlooked country amongst overlooked countries.  A shame, considering the potency of the music blooming within its borders.  In the 1970s, freshly freed from the colonial rule of Britain, politics fueled and inspired a gritty guitar groove that became known as Zamrock.  This is dark, beautiful music that seemingly came outta nowhere, then faded away without a trace before the rest of the world had even caught on to its existence.  Thankfully, decades later, we have unearthed aural records from this flickering space in time:

And this timeless piece of music is hypnotizing on a completely different waveform.  These kids can feel it…

Also, during the first hour of the show, Nick shares stories and sounds that moved him during the ArtsWells and Shambhalamusic festivals over the past weeks — truly some of the most inspiring manifestations of love and music in British Columbia.  On Wandering Rhythms, we set our sights on the global music community, but we recognize that there is much to celebrate right here within our own soundscape.  We are blessed.

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