Trip on down to the Nether World

Call it Holland or call it the Netherlands, just don’t call it a late bloomer.  The Dutch are always on top of musical trends, from the dawn of rock n roll to the electropop 90’s.

Strangely enough, one of the most exciting bands in Dutch history actually comes from Southeast Asia.  By the time the Tielman Brothers emigrated from Indonesia in 1957, they were already world-class innovators of a hybrid style of music (dubbed Indorock).  In reality, this was an early version of Surf music, combining Polynesian beauty with the rawness of electric guitar fuzzardry.  But what really amazes is their showmanship.. I quite honestly didn’t know people moved like this in 1960:

What other sonic gems from the lowlands remain undiscovered in the far west?  Wander with us.

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