Deutsch Hip Hop, meet Cameroonian Makossa

Germany and Cameroon make unlikely musical mates, but for two hours this week they will reign supreme!  We are joined on the show this week by Christian Gossen, world traveler and connoisseur of fine German hip hop, who shares his favorite underground sounds and brings us up to speed on a scene that remains virtually unknown in this part of the world.

Then for the second half of the show we will explore the breadth of music from Cameroon, a country in Africa that displays a wonderful diversity of landscapes, peoples, and sounds.

Makossa hits with the force of a freight train..  When you feel the beat, you have been converted.  This track by André-Marie Tala, for instance, was played for James Brown when he visited Africa in 1975:

The scoundrel (may he rest in peace) wrote new lyrics and passed it off as his own!

Cameroon: the real thing since forever.

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