America in all its Deep Glory-fried Global Pride

On the eve of the universe-shaking US Presidential Election, we have decided to shift our attention away from a far-off wanderland, and instead focus our ears on our burly, hug-able neighbor to the south.  Yes, this is a so-called ‘World Music’ program that aims to spread global-consciousness by exploring the forgotten corners of the planet.  But even the home of one-way cultural excretion deserves a loving caress like the rest.

The aim of this week’s feature presentation is to showcase some of the best American artists that are making decidedly un-American music.  That is, artists who blur the boundaries between genres by being globally-minded in their approach.  This is where things get shady, and the values we impose upon countries (north/south, cultural producers/consumers, information rich/poor..) begin to lose their meaning.  There is a certain irony that characterizes American musicians who play World Music.  Not familiar enough for American audiences, not exotic enough for World audiences, they are caught in the most exquisite of grey areas.

Klezmer funk hop, Malian swamp rock, Chinese bluegrass, American gamelan, Ukulele monolith….  These are some of the combinations you will hear in our shifting American soundscape.

Be your own mutating human experiment, and no one can turn you into a marketable product.

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