A Global Garage Party

This week is a turn away from the second-hour-country-focus we usually do. Yes, this week we’re focusing on garage rock instead.
Garage rock has a home where ever it may lay its pretty head. Although the garage rock sound was popularized in the United States, throughout the 1960s one can clearly hear how other nations and cultures appropriated the fuzzy-wuzzy rockin’ sound and really made it their own. Kiara often picks punk music as one of her favourite types of globally translatable forms; therefore, it is only appropriate that we introduce how the rest of the world first got introduced to western angst and noisy teens before punk hit the nail on the head. As an added bonus, bands will be played from far away who are fuzzin’ hard in the present time. Kiara’s friend Alex Brown, who used to have a show on CKXU in Lethbridge AB, will be joining today also.
From last week’s country of focus, enjoy os Vigilantes from Puerto Rico.

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