Earth Musik: the Best in the Universe?

Until we have affordable interstellar vehicles fueled by anti-matter, every day is Earth Day.  But this week’s broadcast fell on the officially sanctioned Earth Day, and as a bizarre twist of fate we were without internet in the studio for the entire show.  Coincidence, or terrific display of Mother Nature’s eternal wisdom?

a sight for the sore eyes of many space travelers

a sight for the sore eyes of many space travelers

Without internet capabilities, we were forced to postpone our scheduled trip to Nepal.  Instead, we give you a non-stop sonic survey of planetary vibes – visiting 16 countries in just over an hour!

Hear the Earth Day Mix HERE

Thank you, beautiful blue planet, for offering your endless abundance of warmth and resources.  We will continue to sing and play songs for you, and we promise to start cleaning up this mess we have made.  Next week, we visit the Himalayas!

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