The Batswana Groove

Welcome to the new mecca of heavy metal…

Gaborone, Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana

Against the odds, the African nation of Botswana has not only become a successful and peaceful country in the half-century since achieving independence, but has also developed a thriving heavy metal scene.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But still, with the care and precision it takes to cultivate the classic metal lifestyle, it seems more like an honorable religion than the devil’s music.. doesn’t it?

Other Batswana sounds are less Norwegian and more South African.  Seeing as Gaborone, the capital and largest city of Botswana, hugs the border of South Africa, many of the styles from down south are now firmly entrenched in the soundscape of Botswana– most notably Kwaito and electro-hip hop.

Hear these and much more on our BOTSWANA SPECIAL!

And hear the weekly Global Mix right ova here.

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