too thousand thirteen

wacky world

This week is our annual best-of episode: a rich sampling of some of the most exciting music unleashed on this planet over the past year.  As is the custom on this show, the focus is on undiscovered gems from near and far — artists you probably won’t see on other year-end lists.

Long live sonic liberation and cultural cross-pollination!

Stream part 1 here.      Stream part 2 here.

Below is the program’s playlist, loosely divided by theme and starting right here at home in Vancouver…


The History of Gunpowder – Time’s Teeth

Blocktreat – Lint Trap

Indigo Kids ft. Ashleigh Eymann – False Prophets

Zoo Owl – Twin Mirror

A Tribe Called Red ft. Sheldon Sundon – PBC

Shad – Progress

Boogat – Ramados

Sublime & Unclassifiable:

Jupiter & Okwess International – Congo  (DR Congo)

Nana – Pequenas Margaridas  (Brazil)

Chico Mann – Magic Touch  (USA)

John Wizards – Lusaka by Night  (South Africa)

Dom La Nena – Anjo Gabriel  (Brazil)

La Yegros ft. El Gato Muñoz – Illuminada (Argentina)

2nd Hour

90s Cover Tunes:

Chicha Libre – Danza de los Simpsons  (USA)

Quantic & Anita Tijoux – Doo Wop [that thing]  (Colombia/France)

Setenta – Smells Like Teen Spirit  (France)

Hip Hop:

Lomepal – Les Battements (France)

Sons of Yusuf – Bank of Amreeka (Kuwait)

Matias Aguayo – El Sucu Tucu  (Chile/Germany)

La Esencia Rítmica Vital – A dónde van las luces cuando las hojas se caen?  (Ecuador)

Psych/Prog Rock:

Boogarins – Erre  (Brazil)

Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi  (Japan)

Pinkunoizu – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch  (Denmark)


Darkestrah – Manas the Avenger  (Kyrgyzstan/Germany)


Courtney Barrett – Avant Gardener  (Australia)

The Garifuna Collective – Ayó  (Bélize)

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