Clearer skies ahead

If you are a regular online listener of this show, you probably noticed that all of the soundcloud links on this page suddenly stopped working.  Qué pena!  On CJSF radio’s soundcloud (where I was posting my podcasts), we received a warning from the cloud police that are were infringing on copyright laws by posting music shows online. This was a bummer, because as an independent radio station we exist to promote emerging artists and give their work some much-needed exposure – not to profit from their work (we are a community station, and all DJs are volunteers).  But rules are rules, even in the wild west of the web.

So to be brief, Wandering Rhythms has migrated from one cloud to another.  All soundcloud links are currently extinct and new shows will now be uploaded to mixcloud, and then to this here website.  Mixcloud is more geared towards radio shows and podcasts anyway, and claims to pay royalties to artists.  Long live the proud little cloud.

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