Haunt your House Party

There can be no light without night.  Right?

To celebrate the coming of darkness, this week’s radio broadcast features many sinister sounds to help you awaken the spirits within the walls— including horror rap, drone rock, screamadelic surf, Caribbean shaman-folk, and of course, vampire disco.

Soul DraculaPlus a real oddity:  the world’s first ever electronic piece of music (or anti-music), somehow buried in an unmarked gravestone of historical significance, barely acknowledged as a truly revolutionary artifact.  The piece of music in question: a 1944 field recording made in Cairo of a Zar spirit possession ceremony.  Eerie enough already, but once original sound wizard Halim El-Dabh manipulated the recording using primitive filtration and reverberation techniques (literally moving walls) the piece takes on a truly surreal afterlife of its own.  Here is a sample:

Check out the Wandering Rhythms Halloween Special, but please give yourself a mini-exorcism in between each half-hour segment:

Part 1 ((listen))   Part 2 ((listen))  Part 3 ((listen))  Part 4 ((listen))

And who can resist this timeless slice of horror satire:

The Dark Blue Planet

In honour of All Hallow’s Eve, the ancient Celtic festival to mark the coming of darkness up here in the North, this week’s show features some truly terrifying tunes from across this dark planet.  2 hours worth.  You ain’t heard spooky until you’ve heard it done by Bollywood:

Or Latino death metal gangsta rappers:

And if you are lucky enough to break through to the spirit realm while the barrier between worlds is at its thinnest — do not be afraid, for it pushes away the friendly spirits and fuels the mischievous ones.  And remember that you are a brilliant light being, thus invincible.