Prepare to have your pants/shorts/socks scared right off. This right here is the spookiest/strangest/stickiest Hallowe’en playlist you will hear all year and well into the afterlife. Featuring appearances by some of Earth’s greatest monsters – including El Tunche, sabertoothed tigers, oodles of ghouls, spiders, drones, gangsters, Jamaican vampires and slime.

Fear Not ;( the Darkness :)


Always a strange time of year in the north hemisphere – when people give in to the disappearance of the sun and fully embrace the dark side. To please the festive spirits, here is a non-stop playlist of many delightful horrors! All your favourite monsters stop by for the jam: chupacabra, sasquatch, vampire, zombie, gnome, baba yaga, gremlin, mosquito, non-carbon life form…  Yes, you loveable critters make the underworld a much richer place.

Global Horror

bollywood horror

CDs for eyes?! Ḍarāvanā!

Yes it’s that time of year again.. when lighthearted darkness consumes our minds and we invite spirits to the dinner table.  This year’s Hallowe’en Special is guaranteed to leave you slightly unnerved, with a brain full of foreign tongues and monster grooves.

((Stream the full episode here)) 

…featuring vampire rap, monster reggae, Catalonian hellbilly, Bollywood gore, dark cabaret, zombie calypso, goblin folk, French drone, deep Greek electro, and much gore..

((Check out the playlist here))

The Dark Blue Planet

In honour of All Hallow’s Eve, the ancient Celtic festival to mark the coming of darkness up here in the North, this week’s show features some truly terrifying tunes from across this dark planet.  2 hours worth.  You ain’t heard spooky until you’ve heard it done by Bollywood:

Or Latino death metal gangsta rappers:

And if you are lucky enough to break through to the spirit realm while the barrier between worlds is at its thinnest — do not be afraid, for it pushes away the friendly spirits and fuels the mischievous ones.  And remember that you are a brilliant light being, thus invincible.