A Fullblown Gugak and Yangak Sonic Attack!

All hands and ears are back at the control board this week.  As South Korea is busy launching rockets into space, we have been given the heroic mission of exploring the many peaks and valleys of the South Korean soundscape..  The old (the Gugak), the new (the Yangak), the psychodilly 70s, the drum n bass music of 1672, , the hiphop, the trot, and nary a K-pop song in the lot (we respect you).  Yes, South Korea, in all its world-friendliness, has grown into the sophisticated polar-opposite of its twin (the Korea we don’t talk about).  But for all the modern dilemmas of open and closed minds, the twin Koreas will always share the same Gugak.  History is something you can’t take back.  Ditto for disco funk.

Alright I admit it, we couldn’t fit any Trot into the program.. but it’s an important piece of the Korean puzzle – the first global style to be adapted by Korean musicians, back when the nation was one.  So here’s some good ol’ Japa-merican inspired Foxtrot for you swingers out there:

China by way of Saturnscapes

We are back in full life-force this week, singing in your ears like a billion pollen-filled honey bees.  It is time we took a trip to China, the colossal 壹 in the room.  Here in Vancouver, we have a fairly intimate vantage point to view Chinese culture.  But there’s no doubt that beautiful secrets are hidden beneath the rolling pin of popular taste.

To aid in this quest for sonic glory, we are joined in-studio by Toronto-based synth-harmonic soundsmith Bryan Sutherland — half of veteran electro-punks OPOPO, and new cosmic manifestation Saturns.  He will create live future-bound sounds, debut freshly recorded material, discuss the problems with light suits, and somehow tie it all back to his Chinese ancestry.