The Sound of Dragon across Time and Space


If you are curious about blending two very distinct musical worlds, there has probably never been a better place and time than Vancouver and Now. As the city hosts large populations with European and Asian heritage, it seems inevitable that these cultures should mix and create something new and distinctly Canadian. As someone who has lived in the city for nearly 18 years, a city known for its openness and spirit of innovation, it surprises me how little musical cross-pollination seems to be happening. Enter the Sound of Dragon.

Armanini Lan National Concert Hall Taipei 2011

Mark Armanini and Lan Tung in Taipei

With one foot in the folk traditions of China and the other in the wild improvisational aesthetic of jazz, the Sound of Dragon Ensemble is blazing a brave new standard for what Canadian music can be. The first hour of this week’s program presents an intriguing conversation with SODE composers Lan Tun, John Oliver, and Mark Armanini, longtime residents of Vancouver and scholars of sonic alchemy. Catch their spring concert this thursday!

Channel the Inner Stallion


Man and horsehead fiddle

Happy year of the Rooster! However this week we travel to more of a horse lovin’ part of China. Explore the music of Inner Mongolia – an autonomous region rich in Mongol folk traditions mixing with Han Chinese culture and a serious inclination to rock. Throat singing and heavy guitars go together like boodog and Khar Khorum.

China by way of Saturnscapes

We are back in full life-force this week, singing in your ears like a billion pollen-filled honey bees.  It is time we took a trip to China, the colossal 壹 in the room.  Here in Vancouver, we have a fairly intimate vantage point to view Chinese culture.  But there’s no doubt that beautiful secrets are hidden beneath the rolling pin of popular taste.

To aid in this quest for sonic glory, we are joined in-studio by Toronto-based synth-harmonic soundsmith Bryan Sutherland — half of veteran electro-punks OPOPO, and new cosmic manifestation Saturns.  He will create live future-bound sounds, debut freshly recorded material, discuss the problems with light suits, and somehow tie it all back to his Chinese ancestry.