Malay of Many Flavas

Sabah.  Malaysian Borneo.  Bajau Sea Gypsies.  Ocean Nomads.  Breath divers.  Malaysia. Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO REPRODUCE THIS IMAGE IN ANY MEDIA WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. BBC Human Planet /m/loader/final_group_loader/Oceans SabThis week we sample the wildest sounds of the modern Malaysian soundscape…  The many mixings of Chinese, Indian, Indigenous and European peoples have manifested to form a frothy stew of electronic strangeness!  Hear many kinds of rock (space, grindcore, garage, surf, ambient, unidentifiable), throwback hip pop, and ancient drums stomp on our untamed journey…

Hear the first hour’s global mix HERE

Hear the Malaysian feature HERE

The Khmer Kingdom

On this week’s journey, we will explore the beautiful sounds of Cambodia, and pay homage to the thriving music scene that was destroyed by the Communist government of the late 70s. May their songs live on and provide inspiration for the rest of us. Music should be freed.