Electroacoustic Soundscapes // Saharan Sandscapes

Genius or madman?

Genius or madman?

In this episode, we take a journey through the strange and wonderful world of electroacoustic music.  If extraterrestrials bothered to make music, it would likely sound like this..

Curated by Cameron Catalano, president of avant-garde composers guild Vancouver Pro Musica, the first hour bridges the gap between early pioneers of electronic wisdom, and the far out pop music that appropriated the style and brought it into the mainstream.

Hear the electronical sonical mayhem {{HERE}}

Group Doueh: Electric Desert Blues

The second hour takes us to a land split in two..  One of the most sparsely populated territories on the planet, in the north-western Sahara: Western Sahara.  While the majority of this former Spanish colony is still claimed by Morocco (when the Berlin Wall was beginning to crumble in the 1980s, the Moroccan government was busy building a fresh 2,700 km wall of sand to claim their territory) an independence movement has been simmering for decades, and many musicians featured on this program are supporters of the Polisario Front, the main organization fighting for a free nation.

Whether recorded in the Liberated Territories, the Southern States, or in exile, Saharawi soul transcends borders and breathes timelessness…

Hear the Western Saharan soundscape {{HERE}}

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Craig Aalders )-( Music as Mystery

{Live Sonic Manipulation}

Live Sonic Manipulation!

No one can resist the almighty beat, but on the fringes of the modern musical landscape there is an entirely different beast that defies the comforting confines of rhythmic repetition.  Vancouver-based composer and sound-sorcerer Craig Aalders descends upon the studio this week to share his sublime shifting soundscapes and discuss the rich world of electro-acoustic music — where listeners are encouraged to rethink the boundaries of music and embrace the entire sonic spectrum.  Beautiful vibrations are everywhere, we just need to tune our ears to them.

Stream the broadcast [[HERE]]   And check out Craig Aalders’ bewitching new LP [[HERE]]

For the second part of the show, we travel to the digital shores of Singapore…

Try finding a photo of Singapore that doesn't include a skyscraper

a magical land of old-growth skyscraper forests

Singapore (aka Lion City) is a place of open mixing between Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and British culture.  This has produced a rich ecosystem of mutant styles and singular vibes.  Among the most interesting was a wild and flourishing rock ‘n’ roll scene in the 1960s.  More than simple mimicry, Singaporeans were taking cues from American musicians and adding their own genuine south-east Asian flavours.  Fascinating; an entire parallel universe of music happening alongside the psychedelic rock movement in America, yet entirely hidden from Western listeners.  For a good introduction to the vibrant 60s scene, check out the Sublime Frequencies compilation Singapore A-Go-Go.

The Stylers were one of the best and most prolific bands of the independence era, producing over a thousand records in at least five languages.  Ya ho!  This track mixes Hokkien vocals with surf guitar solos and handclaps:

Craig Aalders joins us on the trip through Singapore, as we uncover Singlish hip hop, sitar jams, experimental modern rock, Malay-style funk, and … French pop?

Stream the Singapore special [[HERE]].  Long live local music.. and the local reinvention of global music.

Malay of Many Flavas

Sabah.  Malaysian Borneo.  Bajau Sea Gypsies.  Ocean Nomads.  Breath divers.  Malaysia. Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO REPRODUCE THIS IMAGE IN ANY MEDIA WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. BBC Human Planet /m/loader/final_group_loader/Oceans SabThis week we sample the wildest sounds of the modern Malaysian soundscape…  The many mixings of Chinese, Indian, Indigenous and European peoples have manifested to form a frothy stew of electronic strangeness!  Hear many kinds of rock (space, grindcore, garage, surf, ambient, unidentifiable), throwback hip pop, and ancient drums stomp on our untamed journey…

Hear the first hour’s global mix HERE

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