Western Sahara

Northern Haze – Anivunga (Canada, 1985)

Electroacoustic Special with Cameron Catalano:

Henri Pousseur – Trois Visages de Liège (Belgium, 1961)

Kraftwerk – Ohm Sweet Ohm (Germany, 1975)

Milton Babbitt – Ensembles for Synthesizer (USA, 1964)

David Bowie – Warwazawa (England, 1977)

Craig Aalders – Things Fall Apart (Canada, 2013)

Western Sahara:

Shahid El Uali – RASD (1982)

Mariem Hassan – El Magil (2005)

El Wali Orchestre National Sahraoui – Mobilizing the Masses (see below)

((فرقة الشهيد الولي – تجييش الجماهير))

Group Doueh – Kar Labyad Doueh (2010)

Group Doueh – Zayna Jumma (2011)

Tiris – Istenfar (2007)

Aziza Brahim – Lagi (2004)

Bad Boys – Welcome to Sahara (2013)

D’oké – Bata Spirit (2014)


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