We are joined this week by Brandon ‘Blocktreat’ Hoffman, who discusses his Afrobeat band Miami Device, and plays songs from the new remix album they are about to launch.

Tunji Oyelana – Ifa (Nigeria, 1970)
Miami Device – Giant (Canada, 2012)
Red Jungle – Giant {Remix} (Canada, 2013)
Blocktreat – Ivory Coast {Remix} (Canada, 2013)
Neighbour – Indian Arm {Remix} (Canada, 2013)
Miami Device – Lost Continent (Canada, 2012)
Electric Squid – Lost Continent {Remix} (Canada, 2013)
Scatterpillar – MPB {Remix} (Canada, 2013)
Hasna el Becharia – Hakmet Lakdar
Les Abranis – Thilelli (1981)
MBS – El Ghorba (1999)
Rachid Taha – Safi (2004)
Nabil Baly Othmani – Edjmayegh s’emeli (2011)
Cheikh sidi Bemol – El Bandi
Cheb I Sabbah – Ganga Dev
Sid Ali Nait Kaci – A Yemme
Blocktreat – Waves (2013)

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