Austria (and Tree Shepherds)

The first hour features a live in-studio performance by the Tree Shepherds.  They played these songs:

– Sage

– Coffee Shops

– We are like Water  (played off the album ‘Qualicum’)

– Qualicum

– Sunbeam

– I Might be Able

– Straight & Narrow

– Lonely Prince

Then we went traveling…

Erkin Koray – Krallar  (Turkey)


Paternoster – Old Danube

Roland Neuwirth – Guat d’Rauf

Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn – Hallo

Attwenger – Kaklakariada

Texta – Kraut Interlude

Skero (ft. Kayo) – Moch da kan kopf

Die Knödel – Vielfacher

Gaby Kerpel – Budapestation/Xplicámelo  (Argentina)

Think of One – Tráfico  (Belgium/Brazil)

Ciccada – Ciccada  (Greece)



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