Avant-Garde Africa

BRZZVLL – Polemicals  (Belgium, 2013)

The Jolly Boys – You Can’t Always Get What You Want  (Jamaica, 2010)

Souad Abdullah – Untitled  (Iraq, reissue 2005)

Anja McClosky – Tornado  (Germany/UK, 2012)

Anja McClosky & Dan Whitehouse – Railway Stop  (Germany/UK, 2014)

Uriel Henao – Prefiero una Tumba en Colombia  (Colombia)

Kushal Das – Raga Marwa   (India, 2004)

Avant-Garde Africa:

Alpha Yaya Diallo – Gallo  (Guinea/Canada, 2010)

Last Poets – Time  (USA, 1971)

Sun Ra – Of Heavenly Things  (USA, 1965)

Banda Uniao Black – Black Rio  (Brazil, 1977)

Kaneng Lolang – Exile  (Nigeria/Russia/Bulgaria, 2010)

Guelewar Band of Banjul – Balla Jigi  (Gambia, 1982)

Ujjaya – Murukan  (Madagascar/France, 2013)

Tinariwen & TV on the Radio – Tenere Taqhim Tossam  (Mali/USA, 2011)

Roi Heenok – Tu Veux Nous Tester  (Canada, 2012)

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