We are joined in the studio by Bangladeshi musician Rafi Yamin Kuza, who shares music and tales from his homeland.

Amerigo Gazaway {of Gummy Soul} – Trouble in the Water  (USA, 2011)

Smadj – Toi et Moi  (Tunisia/France, 2009)

Las Cafeteras – La Bamba Rebelde  (USA, 2012)

The Crackling – Keep Me Drunk  (Canada, 2012)

Kjartan Bue – Rosen and Danny  (Denmark, 2012)

Clo Sismico – Cassette Pirata  (Ecuador, 2012)

Kalahari Surfers – Mafeking Road  (South Africa, 1988)

R.U.T.A. – Z Batogami Na Panów  (Poland, 2011)


Nemesis – Nirbashon  (2011)

Lalon – Shomoy Gele  (2010)

Deshi MCs – Ganjam  (2008)

Fokir Lal Miah – Lalor Lakhan Rap Gaan  (2011)

Bangla – Mon Tore  (2010)

Ferdausi Rahman – Ami Chalchi Kina  (1960s)

Bangla – Tomar Ghore Boshot  (2010)

Cryptic Fate – Bhoboghuray  (2001)

God’s Pee, You Black Emperor – Mladic  (Canada, 2012)

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