Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers – Seed of Love (Canada)
Francis – Creek of Lonesome Town (Sweden)
Rocket Juice & the Moon – Hey Shooter (England/Nigeria)
Belbury Poly – Goat Foot (Wales)
Villah Nah – Running On (Finland)
El Remolon – Bonita (Argentina)
El Rego et ses Commandos – Vi man do Wingnan (Bénin)
Kimbra – Settle Down (New Zealand)
Tonye Aganaba – Tell Tale Heart (Canada/England)
Alec Lomami – Pop Revolution (D.R. Congo/USA)
Sakerock – 菌 (Japan)
Kudsi Erguner & Suleyman Erguner – Zikr (Turkey)
Hoquets – La Belgique
Django Reinhardt – Daphné
Zap Mama – I Ne Suhe
Toots Thielemans – Strutting with some Barbecue
Experimental Tropic Blues Band – Can’t Change
Greetings from Mercury – 2001
Jacques Brel – La Valse a Mille Temps
The Subs – Mitsubitchi
Zita Swoon Group – A Sera, A Waara
Aksak Maboul – Bosses de Crosses
‘t Hof Van Commerce – Wupperbol
Claire Mortifee – Sugar Rush (Canada)

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