Best of Wandering Rhythms 2012

Our Favourite Discoveries of 2012:

Else Marie Pade – fordømmelse  (Denmark, 1962)

Fatoumata Diawara – Bissa  (Mali/Ivory Coast, 2011)

El Sindykato – Don Martín  (Uruguay, 1972)

Karpe diem – Glasskår  (Norway, 2004)

King Coya – Villa Donde  (Argentina, 2009)

Iceage – White Rune  (Denmark, 2011)

The Spiders – Bam Bam Bam  (Japan,

Firyuza – Ashkhabad  (Turkmenistan, 1980)

Tafo & Khwaja Pervaiz – Karye Pyar  (Pakistan, 1976)

Col Hardy – Blacktracker  (Australia, 1963)

Our Favourite Releases of 2012:

Blocktreat – Nightiger  (Canada)

Staff Benda Bilili – Sopeka  (DR Congo)

Amadou & Miriam ft. TV on the Radio – Wily Kataso  (Mali/USA)

Aesop Rock – Grace  (USA)

A Tribe Called Red – MoombahWow  (Canada)

Alamaailman Vasarat – Väärä käärme  (Finland)

Shaolin Afronauts – Brooklyn  (Australia)

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang – Feba  (Sierra Leone/USA)

Elfin Saddle – Kiboho  (Canada)

Tame Impala – Why Won’t They Talk To Me?  (Australia)

The Cambodian Space Project – Baby Lady Boy  (Cambodia)

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