Death Grips – Lil Boy (USA)
Love Machine – Cancer Stick (Brazil)
Huss und Hodn – Radiowecker (Germany)
Audio 88 & Yassin ft. Morlock Dilemma – Isolation Refill (Germany)
Molotov – Gimme tha Power (Mexico)
Pierre Henry – Psyché Rock (France)
Amewu – Einzelkampf (Germany)
Krotal – Tara
Namy Jean de Boulon – Nya Thadée
Francis Bebey – Agatha
Bernard Ntone – Mussoloki
CASCA – Traditional Cameroon Percussion & Choir
Sally Nyolo – Beti
Los Camaroes – Sena
Team Avantgarde – Sometimes (Germany)
Alex Kennedy – Barca Number One (Canada)
Apollo Ghosts – Paralysis of my Loneterm Clerkship (Canada)
Freundeskreis – Esperanto (Germany)

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