Featuring guest appearance by Toronto-based musician Bryan Sutherland, of the bands OPOPO and Saturns

Shaolin Afronauts – Winds Across Gayanamede  (Australia)
King Coya – Chaca de la Suerte  (Argentina)
Briga – Rutchenitsa  (Canada)
OPOPO – Exorcism
OPOPO – Let this Feeling (live in-studio)
OPOPO – Freeze to Death (live in-studio)
OPOPO – Another (live in-studio)
Cem Karaca – Çökertme  (Turkey)
OPOPO – Shaman of Love
Harvester – Everybody (Needs Somebody to Love)  (Sweden)
Zhang Jingyu – White Snow in the Spring Sunlight
Sulumi – God Bless the 8bit
Zhaoze – 1911 (1st movement)
MC Yan & DJ Tommy – Rap with No Name
Mamer & IZ Band – Shadow
Long Shen Dao – The Heart Guides the Way
Saturns – Diamonde (live in-studio)
Saturns – Screaming Cats
{live jamsesh}
OPOPO – Funny n’ Raw

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