PS I Love You – Sentimental Dishes (Canada)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Can’t no Grave hold my Body down (USA)
Daughter – Switzerland (England)
Subtle – The Crow (USA)
Staden – Bránnbart (Sweden)
Stafraenn Hákon – Hvarf (Iceland)
King Coya – Villa Donde (Argentina)
Tremor – Malambo (Argentina)
Samantha Savage Smith – You Always Come to Mind (Canada)
Portage & Main – Song for my Mom (Canada)
Hoffman Lenses – Ghost of the Bogs (Canada)
Yao Yanaglo Ensemble – Kete
Nima Ensemble – I Have my Liberty
E.T. Mensah – Mee Bei Obaaba
Ebo Taylor – Etuei
M.anifest – Makaa Maka
Tic Tac ft. Batman – Kangaroo
Haruomi Hosono – Roochoo Gumbo (Japan)
Katalena – Strbenk na Strbunk (Slovenia)
Abigail Washburn – Taiyang Chulai (USA/China)
Blocktreat – Happiness in Beige (Canada)
Seu Jorge – Sao Gonça (Brazil)
Bunzu Sounds – Zinabu (Ghana)

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