Global Horror 2011

Ghost – Water Door Yellow Gate  (Japan)

Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind – ‘The Shining’ Theme  (USA)

Flaming Lips – Once Beyond Hopelessness  (USA)

Goblin – Profondo Rosso  (Italy)

Goblin – Suspiria  (Italy)

Chad Vangaalen – Molten Light  (Canada)

SALEM – Release Da Boar  (USA)

Thomas Bangalter – Rectum  (France)

The Disney Band – The Skeleton Dance  (USA)

Gamelan Music  (Indonesia)

David Hess – Wait for the Rain  (USA)

Atif Aslam – Mahiya Ve Soniya  (Pakistan)

Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust Theme  (Italy)

Sunn 0))) – Big Church  (USA)

London Symphony Orchestra & Gyorgi Ligeti – Ramifications  (England/Hungary)

Boards of Canada – Soylent Night  (Scotland)

Harry Manfredini – Friday the 13th Part III Theme  (USA)

OPOPO – Done Fidgit  (Canada)

Music for K’amancha  (Armenia)

SSQ – Tonight (We’ll Make Love till we Die)  (USA)

King Geedorah – Take Me to Your Leader  (USA)

The Cramps – Surfin’ Dead  (USA)

Indigo Kids – Mongolia Pary  (Canada)

Duke Ellington – East St. Louis Toodle-Oo  (USA)

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