Hip Hop with Indigo Kids

Java – Métro  (France)

DL Incognito & Mic Check – Savoir Faire  (USA/France)

Orishas – A Lo Cubano  (Cuba)

The Latin Kings – De E Knas  (Sweden)

Indigo Kids – Contact High  (Canada)

Yarah Bravo – Bluebird  (Sweden)

Four Tet – Hands  (USA)

K’naan, Mos Def & Chali 2Na – America  (Somalia/USA)

Sweatshop Union – Bill Murray  (Canada)

Indigo Kids  – Movin’ for Creation  ((LIVE IN-STUDIO))

Rhymester ft. King Giddra & Soul Scream – 口から出まかせ (Japan)

Tosh – Temple Song  (Japan)

Softhard ft. Juno – Moov  (China)

TZU – Got to Do  (Australia)

Indigo Kids – Philosophize  ((LIVE IN-STUDIO))

Jazz Liberators – What’s Real  (France)

Indigo Kids – Like it or Not  ((LIVE IN-STUDIO))

Nas & Damian Marley – Patience  (USA/Jamaica)

AX-IS – Seafood for Thought  (Canada)

Mor Thiam – Dini Safarrar Ayo Ayo Ne Ne  (Sénégal)

Indigo Kids – Parumpapumpum  (Canada)

*#*  Check out the Indigo Kids @ www.indigokidshiphop.com  *#*

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