Instead of the usual global mix, the first segment of this show features a discussion with John Oliver, guitarist/composer of Vancouver’s Big World Band.

Erkin Koray – Düşünüş [The Thought] (Turkey, 1977)

Big World Band – Gnossienne No. 1  (E. Satie)

Big World Band – Avoid the Cliff  (J. Oliver)

Big World Band – Rapsodia Eccentrico  (F. Samandari)

Big World Band – Wind (H. Behroozinia)

Big World Band – Untitled (M. Assani)

Big World Band – Joining the Leader (J. Oliver)


Unknown Artist – E a roko ara taeme kukurei

Rita Nei and the Concorde 101s – Temitera  (1985)

Musicians of Micronesia & David Fanshawe – Te Bino [Sitting Dance] (2011)

Bata Teinamati – Ai Karawa Bwareta


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