This program features a guest appearance by Brandon “Blocktreat” Hoffman, who plays songs off his new record, Stuff Gets Bent

La Femme – La Femme  (France, 2013)

Quantic & Anita Tijoux – Doo Wop (That Thing)  (Colombia/Chile, 2013)

Lost Midas – Love Undone  (USA, 2013)

Blocktreat – Lint Trap  (Canada, 2013)

Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Naam  (Ghana, 1976)

Blocktreat – Heartless  (Canada, 2013)

Tremor – Proa  (Argentina, 2013)

A Tribe Called Red – Look at This (Canada, 2012)

Blocktreat – Brokenchurch Blues {LIVE IN STUDIO}

Blocktreat – Bitter Roots (Canada, 2013)


Tau Ea Matsekha [Lion of Matseka] – Khutsana Ea Lesotho (1970s)

Molalehli Matima – Tselane Ngoanak’e  (2007)

Core Wreckah – Ntate Mothusi  (2013)

SAN – Fly Dis  (2013)

Sotho Sounds – Ha Kele Monateng (2012)

Blocktreat – Keep the Green Side Up  {LIVE IN STUDIO}

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