Sierra Leone All Stars – Gbara Case  (Sierra Leone)
The Postures – Bushwalker  (New Zealand)
CFCF – Exercise 2 (School)  (Canada)
Kiosk – To Kojaee  (Iran)
Eolika – Falling Stars  (Russia)
Raappana – Karuselli  (Finland)
Organ – Organ  (Finland)
Ricardo Eddy Martinez – La 132  (Cuba)
The Sign of Human 必經的過程  (Taiwan)
Hanggai – He Who Travels Far  (China)
Gentle Mystics – Spiralling Breeze  (England)
Moudou Ould Mattalla – Ouezn-Le Dattier
Ghermy Mint Abba – Esweydeye
Malouma – Yarab
El Hadrmy & Orchestre National de Mauritanie – La Mone
Bad’s Diom – Rap Rim
Squadra Omega – Tenebroso  (Italy)
Crystal Swells – Pacific Centre Sludge  (Canada)
A Tribe Called Red – Woodcarver  (Canada)
Delicate Steve – Big Time Receiver  (USA)

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