Patrick Watson – Tracy’s Waters (Canada)
Tallest Man on Earth – Burden of Tomorrow (Sweden)
Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra – Dreams of the Wanderer (Canada)
Frankie Paul – Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng (Jamaica)
Elfin Saddle – Kiboho (Canada)
The L.A. Carnival – Flyin’ (USA)
Mirel Wagner – No Death (Ethiopia/Finland)
BK-One & Haiku d’État – Mega (USA)
The Mekons – Work All Week (England)
Domog – Govi Nutag
Altai Hangai – The Four Oirat Tribes
Dain ba Enkh – Juuleg
Soyol Erdene – Anduural
Borte – Dschingis Khaanii Mori
Galbingga Group Mongol Nutgiin Uzesgelen
Altai Kai – Prayers
Tito Paris – Otilla Otilla (Cape Verde)
Celia Cruz – Quimbara (Cuba)
Enjoyed – Paws (England)
Keuhkot – Ilmastonmuutos (Finland)


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