Miss Nilambai – Jis Ne Diya Hai Dagh-e-dil (India)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Nerve Damage!  (New Zealand)

Adam & the Amethysts – Canadian Tired  (Canada)

Psyco on da Bus – Afropusherman  (Nigeria/Côte d’Ivoire/France)

Humppa Veikot – Romantiikkaa Ruusutarhassa / Jazz-Tyttö (Finland)

jj – Kill You  (Sweden)

Už Jsme Doma – Napul  (Czech Republic)

The Frost – Mystery Man  (USA)

Yin Ts’ang & Showtyme – Anthem 敢不敢  (China/USA)

Zammuto – Idiom Wind  (England)


Jajouka Soundsystem – Salahadeen

Grand Orchestre du Comptoir de Marakkesh – Symphonuit

Hanino – Cuite Ni

Hassan Hakmoun – Sidi Musa

Nass El Ghiwane – Fin Ghadi Bia Khouya

Hoba Hoba Spirit – Blad Skizo

D-Sisive (ft. Cadence Weapon & Birdapres) – The Unknown  (Canada)

Arcade Fire – Old Flame  (Canada)

Traditional – Kozak March  (Ukraine)

Dug Dug’s – Yo No Se  (Mexico)

Shawnee Singers – Shawnee Shake  (USA)


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