Father John Misty – Well You Can do it Without Me (USA)
Donovan – I Love My Shirt (Scotland)
Turtle Giant – We Were Kids (Brazil)
Ros Sereysothea – Chnam Oun 16 (Cambodia)
Obsesión – Me Afroconozco (Cuba)
Cloudface – Golden Triangle (Canada)
Pále – 218 Beverly {Manitoba remix} (England)
Sandro Perri – Love is Real (Canada)
Androidss – Auckland Tonight (New Zealand)
Broncho – Try Me Out Sometime (USA)
Lumerians – Hashshashin (USA)
Stochelo Rosenberg – For Sephora
Cinderella – From Town to Town
Fungus – Broeder Lazarus
Brainpower – Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan
Group 1850 – Cages
EML – Island Hopping
Tedje en de Flikkers – Op de Baan
Osdorp Posse – Origineel Amsterdam
Tielman Brothers – Black Eyes
V.Vecker Ensemble – In the Tower (Canada)

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