Cos-Ber-Zam – Né Noya {Daphni Mix, 2012}   (Togo, 1973)
Burning Spear – Farther East of Jack (Jamaica, 1975)
Dope Soda – Soundcheck (Canada, 2012)
Chus & Ceballos – Afrika  (Spain, 2001)
Bona Fat – Kainé  (Japan, 2012)
The following set of Swiss tunes brought to you by our Swiss-German intern, Jones:
Patent Ochsner – Trybguet (Switzerland)
Yar-P – Everything Changes
Mama Rosin- Le Pistolet
Sebass – Duj Sandale
77 Bombay Street – Up in the Sky
Luis Russell – Panama (1930)
El General – Diganme Cual
Roberto y su Zafra – El Negro de la Ciudad (1976)
Badán Trio – Crucifixión del Mambo
Nando Boom – No Queremos Mariflor
Yos Yegüeros – El Toro
Ortegas – Très Fases (2012)
The Flaps – Smells like Awesome (Canada, 2013)

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