T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Tegbé  (Bénin)

Dionysos – Song for Jedi  (France)

Los Fancy Free – Hope  (Mexico)

Futureheads – Robot  (England)

Jabu Khanyile – Hiyo Lento  (South Africa)

Ry Cooder – Chloe  (USA/Hawaii)

The Kamkars  (Iran)

Girls Names – Seance on a Wet Afternoon  (Northern Ireland)

Laura McGarrigle – Firefly  (Northern Ireland)

Double Décennie (NOB) – Mes Lents Colis  (France)

Strawberry Machine – Okashina Suiyoubi  (Japan)


Kanaku & El Tigre – Bicicleta

Raul Garcia Zarate – Carnaval de Arequipa

Zulu – Candela

Imbaya – Viajando

Chapillacs – la Marcha del Chullachaqui

Transparente – Nova

Animal Bodies – Thought & Consequence  (Canada)

Grimes – Devon  (Canada)

Cadence Weapon  (Canada)

Alexandre Désilets – le Repère  (Canada)

Vonička – Dudácke Variace  (Czech Republic)

Swingle Singers – Cachapaya  (France)

jj – Still  (Sweden)

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