Ratto Ja Lehtisalo – Valonnopeus (Finland)

Gryphon – March Breaks (England)

Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate  (Chile)

Suuns -Up Past the Nursery  (Canada)

((Somethin’ in Hebrew))

Brother Willie Blue – I’m Pressin’ On  (USA)

Panda Bear – Friendship Bracelet  (USA)

Las Malais Amistades – Por Todos Lados (Colombia)

Lieve Hugo – Profosang (Surinam)

Barclay James Harvest – Pools of Blue (England)

Focus Three – One Thousand Years Behind My Mind (England)

Air France – (Sweden)

jj –  (Sweden)

Dreams – In Dreams  (Canada)


Carlos Paredes – Divertimento

Fausto – Uns Vao Beme Outros Mal

Os Ekos – À Espera Da Nossa Vez

Fuze – Juntos Como Um Só


Dead Combo – Cacto

Vomit Heat – Everything in its Wrong Place  (Germany)

Light Work – Breakin’ It (Canada)

Subtle Lip Can – Polloer  (Canada)

Quarteto 1111 – Parte 1  (Portugal)

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