Modeselektor – Berlin (Germany)

Blackalicious – Deception (USA)

Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo (Somalia)

Martyn/Feveer Ray – Seven (The Netherlands/Sweden)

Samy Deluxe – Wech mich auf (Germany)

Soaku Beats – Rolex (Japan)

Soaku Beats – Cleaning (Japan)

Soaku Beats – Outrage Beyond

Le Disc De Astrou – Maestro Distorsion (Chile)

Peace – Winterhouse (Canada)

Big Cyc – Facet to Swinia (Poland)

Built to Spill – Randy Described Eternity (USA)


Thione Seck – Laye M’boup

Baaba Maal – A Song for Women

Youssou N’Dour – Kocc Barma

Daara J – Exodus

The Beatfonics Crew – Intro (Italy)

Jazzy Gentle – Mikan (Italy)

The Rodha Thomas Ensemble – Menina Mocha (USA)

Dasa Fon Flasa – Kolkokrat (Slovakia)

Ladyhawk – I’m A Witch (Canada)

Jelly Boyz – The Gypsies Had No Home, The Doors Had No Base (Canada)

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