Shava – Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha (Finland, 2010)

Craig Aalders – After Image 63-67 (Canada, 2013)

Craig Aalders – Remnants of Late Colour  (Canada, 2013)

Craig Aalders – Falling Leaves {live in studio}

Brian Eno – The Secret Place  (England, 1983)

Rafael Toral – Optical Flow  (Portugal, 2001)

Craig Aalders – Things Fall Apart  {live in studio}

The Krells – In the Afternoon Restless  (Canada, 2013)


The Quests – Hava Nagila (1967)

Lena Lim & the Stylers – Lunaluna

Thunderbirds – My Lonely Heart (1966)

Kopi Kat Klan – why u so like dat? (1991)

M. Nasir – Sahabat Gua  (2001)

Ustad Sharafat Khan – [untitled] (2010)

The Observatory – Catacombs (2013)

Poplin (ft. Bridget Low) – Carnaval  (2010)


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